Professional Pet Photos

We take quality PHOTOS of your pet(s):
  • Send EMail to to arrange a park photo session ($30 for 30 minutes).
  • Your photo shoot can include multiple pets, and family, and friends (not just one pet alone)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: customer can view the photos on-site (on the camera's screen)
    • We perform some photo retouching to enhance colour, sharpness, and cropping
    • customer will receive an email with 10-15 of the best shots
  • 10% discount if you have been referred by an existing customer.

YouTube Videos of Mississauga Humane Society Photo Shoots:

We support the Mississauga Humane Society (MHS) and do volunteer photo shoots for them.
  • Below are two composite videos showing some of the photos taken at two different events

Sample Photo Shoot Images (medium size):

  • Below are two medium sized example photographs (resolution is 1024 pixels wide)
    • the emailed photos are over 2048 pixels wide (over 4 times the resolution below)
  • Optional: For $10 the customer can request to also receive a custom-made composite video of the emailed photos
Dog Park Photograph Dog Studio Photograph

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